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Passion in March, deserve your youth

March 13,2019.

Spring is coming here insensibly

What is happening in Bonita in March:

Let us see that how we became outstanding!

Wish our classmates can keep punching!

Show the loudest applause in the world for them!

I really look forward to next part for a long time

Our new classmates chose his first “Shifu” in this job.

To get a good start for blending in here and growing better.

On this solemn and sacred moment

They take the oath with their “Shifu”

Distinctly, in the rest life of Bonita

They can always be curious,bovine,cheerful and growing

In this season of life and renewal

Our headmaster also addressed the class

Wish our classmates

Burning youthful passion, going keeping punching!

Hopefully, this March, you can!

Youthful passion bloom, deserve your spring!

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