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  • Keep running,Youths~~~
    Keep running,Youths~~~

    March 20,2019.

       While BONITA welcomes the Spring in March The  prologue of outreach sports meeting also is unveiled   Give our partners a big thumbs up. Since that it is called the sports meeti...

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  • Passion in March, deserve your youth
    Passion in March, deserve your youth

    March 13,2019.

    Spring is coming here insensibly What is happening in Bonita in March: Let us see that how we became outstanding! Wish our classmates can keep punching! Show the loudest applause in the...

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  • Hello, you have a present from Christmas not sign for
    Hello, you have a present from Christmas not sign for

    December 27,2018.

    As a young and beautiful sales How could we be absent in Christmas eve. and lived in a strong atmosphere. There are many enterprises having a hard time so that they received impressive results. from t...

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  • Hello ,  December
    Hello , December

    December 7,2018.

    Times slipped by, the last month in 2018 has been coming People who love the summary will not be too bad luck.,like us The prize we won in Nov. So don’t take failures in the past to heart and feel com...

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  • November,The dream is in bloom
    November,The dream is in bloom

    November 12,2018.

    In October, a month full of passion, listen to what they have gained! Did you remember the PK war in last month? Who would be the ultimate winner? and personal excellent award. Wa great!Let’s give the...

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  • Happy Halloween
    Happy Halloween

    November 2,2018.

    Hello, Halloween is coming again, it’s time to come out to play around. This time, absolutely unexpected! Show time There are also interesting games. It’s funny in this year’s halloween Hahaha, I am g...

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  • It has never occured to us that how it was like this
    It has never occured to us that how it was like this

    July 28,2018.

    Bonita’s people has started learning journey in this week. They have challenged themselves and broken through constantly. Let’s listen what they learned after training. Clear goal, strong intention,co...

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  • Fighting May, Flying youth
    Fighting May, Flying youth


    Looking back to the past month, what we got and what we lost, remind yourself at any time that stay true to the mission. I have to say it’s of great benefit in this month. For example, some of our col...

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